Sunday, 27 September 2015

Rakhi: The Festival of Love and Goodwill

"Behna ne Bhai ki kalai me pyar bandha hai,
Resham ke taar se sansaar bandha hai."
Just a thread but has a deep meaning.
Rakhi or Raksha bandhan is the festival of love and duty between brothers and sisters. So strange just a knot on anybody's wrist becomes life-long relationship. Rani Karnavati had send rakhi to Emperor Humayum to protect her from invasion and he deeply respected it. Since then Indian Muslims started celebrating it. In 1905 when Bengal was divided by Britishers on religious ground then Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore started the 'Rakhi movement' when he asked Hindus & Muslims to tie ‘rakhi’ on each other’s wrist to mark the bond of love and unity which resulted in the unification of Bengal in 1911. A festival which has now become multicultural as it is celebrated by people of various sects and ethnic group and is not confine to any religion to cherish the bond of brother-sister relationship. I wish this festival becomes a movement in India and men starts respecting females as their sisters. Such festival which promotes love and goodwill should be highly respected.

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